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Sidduré Or is a new series of Sefaradi siddurim. What makes them special?

  • They contain the full traditional Sefaradi liturgy, in all its richness and depth, including a diverse range of customs and filled with beautiful piyyutim (songs and poetry) and psalms. 
  • Accessibility is at the core, with an unprecedented full transliteration, guiding commentary, and adaptations for use regardless of gender. 
  • Underpinning all this is a commitment to beauty, with every page a digital homage to the illuminated Sefaradi manuscripts of the past.

What does this volume contain?

Siddur Or veShalom is for Shabbat and festivals, containing the liturgy for weekly Shabbat services, and all additions needed on Yom Tov, as well as Rosh Hodesh, Shabbat Hol haMo’ed and Hanukkah. This siddur also includes beautiful art pieces by a range of community contributors, various additions to the Torah service to mark life cycle events, and a large back section of home ceremonies with pizmonim (songs) for the table.


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What People Are Saying

"The Siddur offers a new, fluid, and gender sensitive translation of the text, a transliteration according to Sefaradi pronunciation, and a running commentary. It seems that one could not wish for more, yet there are many more pearls of wisdom and excitement to be found by the traveler in the magical paths of this Siddur."

R' Ḥaim Ovadia (from the Haskamah)

“Everything needs Divine abundance, even the Sefer Torah in the Ark. I feel that the world of Sefaradi prayer needed this moment of Divine abundance, and that the Sefer Torah in the dictum is this siddur.”

"[Siddur Masorti] is my favorite new siddur in years, a must-have for any lover of Jewish liturgy. The sturdy hardcover volume — the first ever gender-egalitarian Sephardi siddur — is visually stunning inside and out. I was slack-jawed the first time I saw it."

"Beautiful, approachable , empowering text that inspires the worshiper to pray with kavanah no matter one’s previous experience."  

"First - it is a work of art - beauty is on every page, and I especially love the plates with incredible designs made from the Hebrew words. Second - the explanations are a very accessible introduction to Jewish liturgy in general - and Sephardic liturgy in particular. Third - the choices the editors have made around language, both traditional and contemporary, force one to ponder more deeply the nature of the God to whom we pray."

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