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Rabbi A.Z. Moffet

Adam Zagoria-Moffet is the rabbi of St. Albans Masorti Synagogue in the United Kingdom. He was ordained through the Jewish Theological Seminary (NY) in 2017 and has lived in Arizona, Minnesota, New York, and Israel before coming to England. He completed a M.A. in Jewish Thought at JTS, studying the political theology of R’ Yəhudah Ashlag.

After searching for an egal Səfaradi siddur for years, he has made Siddur Masorti to fill exactly that void. Other than Jewish liturgy, his passions include: playing the jazz bass, learning several languages to mediocre fluency, and fencing.


Isaac Treuherz

Isaac Treuherz is a musician, and a student and teacher of liturgy, nusaḥ and Hebrew linguistics. He grew up in London’s Spanish & Portuguese Səfaradi Community and Limmud, and is now an educator with Noam Masorti Youth and co-founder of Kolot haKahal, the UK's first egalitarian Səfaradi minyan.

Isaac joined Siddur Masorti as our editor in 2017 focussing on romanisation and consistency among different Səfaradi nusaḥot.

The Art of Siddur Masorti: